Quick popup allowing you to view a calendar or pick a date.

If you've ever had to double click the Windows system tray time in order to get a quick calendar, then this is the extension for you!

This extension will add the current date to a small pane in you status bar. You can then click the date and a calendar will pop up, where you can scroll through months or years looking for the date you're interested in. When you click a date in the calendar, it will be displayed in a handy text box which then allows you to copy it out for whatever purpose.


Download the latest version of Date Picker here, or the latest approved version from Mozilla.


Date Format

You can put anything you like in this option and it will get interpreted and displayed in the text box below the calendar. Anything that isn't one of the special characters below will get displayed 'as is'.

For example if you enter 'You chose the %e day of %B, it was a %A' in the date format, each time you click on a date in the calendar, you'd get something like 'You chose the 31 day of March, it was a Friday'.

The magic characters are the following:

%aabbreviated weekday name
%Afull weekday name
%babbreviated month name
%Bfull month name
%Ccentury number
%dthe day of the month ( 00 .. 31 )
%ethe day of the month ( 0 .. 31 )
%Hhour ( 00 .. 23 )
%Ihour ( 01 .. 12 )
%jday of the year (000 .. 366 )
%khour ( 0 .. 23 )
%lhour ( 1 .. 12 )
%mmonth ( 01 .. 12)
%Mminute ( 00 .. 59)
%p'PM' or 'AM'
%P'pm' or 'am'
%Ssecond ( 00 .. 59)
%snumber of seconds since Epoch (since Jan 01 1970 00:00:00 UTC)
%ta tab character
%U, %W, %Vthe week number
%uthe day of the week ( 1 .. 7, 1 = MON )
%wthe day of the week ( 0 .. 6, 0 = SUN )
%yyear without the century ( 00 .. 99 )
%Yyear including the century ( ex. 1972 )
%%a literal % character

There are more algorithms for computing the week number. All three specifiers currently implement the same one, as defined by ISO 8601: 'the week 01 is the week that has the Thursday in the current year, which is equivalent to the week that contains the fourth day of January. Weeks start on Monday.'

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